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If you are looking for transportation from Split Airport to Makarska Riviera, the best option for avoid bus to bus transfers, and avoiding traffic jam on roads between Split and Omis town is to get private taxi transfer and go on highway. Taxi Split Airport to Makarska service offer;

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Get taxi to Makarska from Split Airport

Taxi from Split Airport is the easiest way to get to Makarska.
First of all, it’s a direct way, avoiding the transfer from bus to bus and avoiding the waiting time for buses,
while it’s especially convenient if you carry a lot of luggage.
When you take all that into consideration and add the fact that the ride in our taxi will give you the most beautiful view on Adriatic sea and Makarska Riviera
– there really isn’t any other choice left to make.

get split airport taxi to makarska
How to get from Split airport Makarska

The nearest airport is in Split and it’s about 80 km away from Makarska,
but it actually depends on whether you take the highway or the old local roads (which could lead up to cca 100 km distance).
There is approximately 65 km distance from the city of Split and Makarska town and it will take around 1h 30 min of driving.

Discover more about Makarska

If you are looking for a casual summer entertainment,
Makarska is the right place for you. Makarska is situated below the mountain of Biokovo (1762 m), which protects it from the continental climate and is favorable for its rich Mediterranean vegetation, moderate winters, warm, long summers refreshed by a cool breeze called maestral.
You could say that Makarska is really lucky regarding sunny days and great weather – more than 2.750 hours of sun every year, temperature of air is above 25 C from July to September, and the crystal-clear sea averages a temperature of above 22 C.

what to see in makarska

Beside the narrow stone-paved streets this old town has to offer, you will see the Kačić Square, which is the place to enjoy all sorts of performances and cultural events with, as well, excellent choice of restaurants, good food and even better atmospehere.
As the night grows darker, the Riva of Makarska gets more and more crowded and filled with life and energy.
Duga luka – sandy-pebble beach, is almost 2 km long.
The walkway promenades are lined with pine trees and surrounded by tourist facilities, luxury hotels and gastronomical excitements, and there is plenty of fun and activities for both children and adults.
Given that everything will be very near you and we guarantee you will enjoy the walks,
there is no actual need for having a car there,
which makes it another perfect reason for booking our
taxi Split airport to Makarska service and relax without having to worry about parkings and the costs.

Whether you prefer an active or relaxed holiday, the city of Makarskawill meet your every desire.
Makarska gained such great popularity among turists probably also thanks to its position,
near Split and its airport,
which means it’s that much easier to reach it.


Which airport is Makarska?

The nearest airport to Makarska city is Split Airport (SPU). 

How far is Split Airport from Makarska?

The road distance from Makarska to Split Airport is 80.6 km with local roads near Adriatic coast, and 100 km with highway.

How much is a taxi from Makarska to Split Airport?

The taxi price from Makarska to Split airport costs 74 Euros for 1 to 3 passengers, and around 84 Euros for 4 to 8 passengers.

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