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Landing at Split airport and looking for transportation to your hotel/apartment in Brela? Taxi Split Airport is your best choice for avoid bus to bus transfers, and avoiding traffic jam on roads between Kastela and Omis town, beacuse we know what to do. Book Our service online and get:

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Get taxi to Brela from Split Airport

If you take the bus from the Split Airport, the bus will first take you to Trogir, then Split, and only then to Brela. That’s why the best choice is to get taxi Split airport to Brela and be sure you won’t have to waste any additional time on your way to your destination. Our taxi driver will listen to your wishes and drive you straigth to Brela or even make stops on the way there if you wish to enjoy the view.

split airport taxi to brela
how to get from Split airport to Brela

Discover more about Brela

Brela is a small tourist resort situated on the Makarska Riviera. Like Baška Voda, Brela is very near Makarska and the distance to Baška Voda is even smaller.
The name of Brela comes from the springwater, called vrilo or vrelo by the locals, and from vrulja, located under the surface of the sea. Vrulja is the spring of the anonymous river which has its headwaters in the Biokovo massif, flowing out around twenty metres under the sea surface. Besides this major and the strongest springwater, there are also some smaller and weaker springwaters, mixing with the sea water.

what to see in brela

The Maraska cherry is a sort of a symbol and synonym of the place, an economic jewel of the past century. The Dalmatian maraska is the world’s best quality cherry and Brela is in the very top among the places suitable for its growing.

American journal Forbes classified the beach Punta Rata among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, placing it as the 6th most beautiful and the 1st in Europe! In 2014 The Huffington Post website described Brela as a dream destination and a perfect reason to get on a plane to Croatia as soon as possible. According to Belgian website European Best Destinations – Punta Rata is one of the most beautiful beaches in 2015. Business Insider in May 2015 wrote: “Brela Beach, between Split and Makarska, is a Mediterranean oasis with 6 km of white sands dotted with fig trees and olive groves. For this reason, it’s a favorite with couples…”

get brela from split airport
how far is brela from split airport

If you have decided to take a trip from Split to Makarska, we recommend a short stop at Brela. Our driver will recommend the same, because we just know you’re gonna have the vacation from your dreams. And with our Taxi Split Airport service, you’re also gonna have the best transport experience ever! Don’t wait and book our taxi now – just a few cliks away!


How do I get from Split airport to Brela?

You can get to Brela from Split airport, with taxi transfer, and local buses.
If you planing get to Brela with local bus, you should take bus number 37, (station is just near Split airport parking. Bus first go to Trogir, then in Split centre. From bus station in Split you need walk 500 m to main bus station, and take bus from Split to Brela.
With taxi is much easier, because you don’t need wasting time at Split centre waiting the bus to Brela, and taxi service avoid local road between Split and Omis town, where is always traffic jam during summer months and go on highway.

How far is Brela from Split Airport?

The road distance from Brela to Split Airport is 66 km with local roads near Adriatic coast, and 86 km with highway.

How much is a taxi from Brela to Split Airport?

The taxi price from Brela to Split airport costs 69 Euros for 1 to 3 passengers, and around 79 Euros for 4 to 8 passengers.

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