Taxi Split Airport: All You Need To Know [2020 Updated]

How do you get from Split airport to Split?

Taxi from Split airport to Split
So you’ve landed at the Split Airport. As it usually happens, there is around 20 km distance from the airport to the centre of the city. Sure, you could take the bus, but… Let us just remind you of a few images: public transportation in the middle of the summer (well, even if it’s not that hot, it cannot possibly be much comfortable), the bus doesn’t leave when you want/need it to leave, the bus doesn’t make stops wherever you need it to and doesn’t bring you to the doorstep of your destination, a full bus of tourists tired and grumpy from their travel,… Do we need to continue? Isn’t it just better to make your life easier and let Taxi Split Airport take care of you? We think it is!

You can reach Split with all means of transport because it has a port, train station, bus station and an airport. Also, it’s the main starting point to reach any Dalmatian island. The Split Airport is situated in Kaštel Štafilić, only 20 km from the Split city center and it is connected with all top destinations of the Mediterranean. The fastest and the safest way to make your vacation even more beautiful is by booking a private taxi from Split airport. You can always book Taxi Split Airport in just a few easy steps! We will arrange everything for you, your only job is to contact us and then relax!
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What to see in Split, Croatia?

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, centred on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. Split has a history filled with Roman emperors and a magnificent cultural inheritance. As such, it is also one of the biggest tourist destinations and one of the biggest ports of Mediterranean, due to the proximity of the airport and ferry port.
While traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old, counting from the construction of Diocletian’s Palace in 305 CE, the city was in fact founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos in the 4th century BC, about 2,400 years ago. The perfect beginning of discovering Split‘s secrets and historical monuments is Diocletian’s palace.
To understand better the term ‘splitska fjaka’ – you will have to find a coffee bar (it shouldn’t be too difficult; Split Riviera is full of them and the view is magnificent), order coffee and don’t drink it fast, don’t leave the table for at least 2 hours or so and just enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of true locals. ‘Fjaka’ is a term for a physical and psychological state in which you usually get after lunch, when you don’t want to do anything and all you want to do is actually just relaxing. Perfect for a vacation!
The market of Split or ”Pazar” is one of the central places of the morning jam – try bargaining for a kilo of tomatoes or a few strawberries. This is, with no doubt, the place where you will find everything necessary for your ideal meal if you’re into eating healthy. Well, even if you’re not – you shouldn’t miss this great chance to buy (relatively cheap) true organic food that villagers outside Split grow and sell here. The ingredients you buy at the store taste nothing like these. As expected, Split has a rich nightlife to offer. Walking down the main street, called after the French general Marmont, will get you to the Split Riviera – feel the breath of fresh air at Riva and have a beer or two at Matejuška to relax. These are the charms of Split lifestyle.split croatia

How do I get from Split airport to Hvar?

Taxi from Split airport to Hvar
When you get to the unearthly beautiful island Hvar – we can guarantee that you’ll simply enjoy every moment of your vacation there. The part when you have to get there from the Split Airport, however, is not so relaxing and enjoyable. Unless, of course, you decide to book Taxi Split Airport to transfer you to the ferry port and then you can get to the island Hvar in our boat taxi.
The thing is – getting from the Split airport to the ferry port is just one part of your journey, after that the ferry ride awaits you. The ferry connection to the island Hvar isn’t that frequent as you may need it to be and the ferry ride takes about 2 hours. Furthermore, if your plan is to get to the town Hvar (and not some other town or village on the island Hvar), the trip would take even longer because the ferry goes to Stari Grad (about 25 km from Hvar town).
With Split Airport Taxi, upon your arrival at the Split Airport, you would be welcomed by our taxi driver, brought to the docks with your private taxi boat split airport awaiting you, and all in all – the whole journey would take just 1 hour! Compared to at least 5 hours with the public transportation and ferry, it’s a no brainer!
And there you are, just one or two hours after you landed at the airport – you are at the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Hvar really is the perfect combination of its rich history and a luxurious tourist offer. With its architecture, beautiful nature and mild climate many would describe it as a true fairy-tale city. Its name comes from Greek word Pharos, which was once a town known today as Stari Grad.
Thanks to the mild climate, the warm winters and pleasant summers, Hvar receives many guests, scientists and travellers, who are attracted by the dense mediterranean nature, rich tradition and arhitecture, and nightlife. Lately, the worldwide celebrities are visiting this magical island to see what is it about. And what is Hvar really about? While separation from the mainland can sometimes be a handicap, it also provides some protection from the factory chimneys and other misfortunes which come with civilisation. Instead, there are vast fields of lavender, ancient olive trees and vineyards, in immaculate harmony between man and nature. Fortress Fortica, Hvar’s main square in the old town centre, Hvar’s cathedral, Hvar’s historical Public Theatre… just some parts of Hvar‘s rich cultural and historic heritage. Combined with unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches and bays, crystal blue sea, high quality accommodation and the hospitality of the locals – who wouldn’t want to spend holidays in this heaven called Hvar. But you really need to experience it yourself.

If you’re looking forward to some insanely good nightlife – you won’t be disappointed at all – some of the most famous party places are: ”Carpe Diem”, ”Carpe Diem Beach”, ”Hula Hula”, ”Pink Champagne”, ”Kiva bar”, etc. But if you wish to have a more quiet evening – you can always visit other towns and villages on the island Hvar, like: Vrboska, Stari Grad, Jelsa, etc.
So, if you wish to avoid the traffic jams and slow shipping lines, you should definitely book Taxi Split Airport and our taxi boat from split airport. And the transfer will be a very pleasant experience because, during our taxi boat transfer, you will have a beautiful panoramic views of island Šolta and Brač, as well a group of islands name Pakleni islands, one of the most beautiful group of islands in Croatia. Discover Hvar, contact our Taxi Split Airport service and make your arrival from Split Airport to Split and from Split ferry port to Hvar, the shortest and most comfortable one by far! Just book our boat taxi from Split and we will help you experience your dream vacation!

How do I get from Split airport to Makarska?

Taxi from Split airport to Makarska
Taxi from Split Airport is the easiest way to get to Makarska. First of all, it’s a direct way, avoiding the transfer from bus to bus and avoiding the waiting time for buses, while it’s especially convenient if you carry a lot of luggage. When you take all that into consideration and add the fact that the ride in our taxi will give you the most beautiful view on Adriatic sea and Makarska Riviera – there really isn’t any other choice left to make.
The nearest airport is in Split and it’s about 80 km away from Makarska, but it actually depends on whether you take the highway or the old local roads (which could lead up to cca 100 km distance). There is approximately 65 km distance from the city of Split and Makarska town and it will take around 1h 15 min of driving.
If you are looking for a casual summer entertainment, Makarska is the right place for you. Makarska is situated below the mountain of Biokovo (1762 m), which protects it from the continental climate and is favorable for its rich Mediterranean vegetation, moderate winters, warm, long summers refreshed by a cool breeze called maestral.
You could say that Makarska is really lucky regarding sunny days and great weather – more than 2.750 hours of sun every year, temperature of air is above 25 C from July to September, and the crystal-clear sea averages a temperature of above 22 C.
Beside the narrow stone-paved streets this old town has to offer, you will see the Kačić Square, which is the place to enjoy all sorts of performances and cultural events with, as well, excellent choice of restaurants, good food and even better atmospehere. As the night grows darker, the Riva of Makarska gets more and more crowded and filled with life and energy. Duga luka – sandy-pebble beach, is almost 2 km long. The walkway promenades are lined with pine trees and surrounded by tourist facilities, luxury hotels and gastronomical excitements, and there is plenty of fun and activities for both children and adults. Given that everything will be very near you and we guarantee you will enjoy the walks, there is no actual need for having a car there, which makes it another perfect reason for booking our taxi Airport Split service and relax without having to worry about parkings and the costs.
Whether you prefer an active or relaxed holiday, the city of Makarska will meet your every desire. Makarska gained such great popularity among turists probably also thanks to its position, near Split and its airport, which means it’s that much easier to reach it. If reading about this heaven on Earth made you want to see it for yourself – it’s easier than ever. You can book your own taxi from Split Airport to Makarska right now, just a few clicks away. Taxi Split Airport and the vacation of your lifeare waiting for you.

How far is Split airport from Novalja?

Taxi from Split airport to Novalja
Novalja is a town in the north of the island of Pag in the Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. The distance between the Split airport and Novalja is around 215 km and your best solution to get there is Taxi Split Airport. Your other option is the bus, but, as always, nothing can compare to the comfort of riding in our taxi, while saving time and money.
Novalja has a long, eventful and interesting history, beginning with numerous archaeological discovers at various places around the town and its surrounding area. People also treasure the traditional two-part folk singing known as nakant, which has its own festival here, while the klapa (traditional a capella singing) groups Navalia (male) and Murtelice (female) preserve original Dalmatian folk songs. Liturgical singing has a special value here and its richness is particularly evident in the religious rites of Holy Week (from Palm Sunday to Easter). In recent times Novalja became famous because of the Zrće Beach, which is one of the biggest summer party zones in Europe. The island of Pag is now known as the Ibiza of Croatia.
While the nightlife is absolutely worth seeing (with all the events and festivals organized and all the worldwide famous DJs coming to Zrće Beach), lovers of homemade cuisine won’t be left disappointed. One of its delicacies is the cheese from Pag, as well as: lamb, needle macaroni or curd strudel. You’ll also feel the full magic of the Mediterranean cuisine if you opt for seafood. We recommend the refreshing fish soup, the Novalja brodit (fish stew), various kinds of salad, risotto and the boiled or grilled fish. If you encounter the traditional local desserts – hrostules and frits – try them. Their special flavours have ensured that they keep their place amidst the influx of various modern sweets and they remain one of the trademarks of Novalja cuisine. A glass of local wine to finish will make for a complete delight. After trying all that (but hopefully not after too much wine 😉 ), we also recomend exploring the hinterland of Novalja – the Novalja fields –which are criss-crossed with extensive bicycle trails that pass between the numerous vineyards. Cycling along these trails in peace and quiet, you’ll experience the beauty of this area in a unique way.
If you land at the Split Airport, you will be able to find our taxi without any trouble – booking of Split airport taxi is just a few cliks away! You are headed to your vacation – you don’t won’t to carry your luggage more than you need to and you don’t want to worry about roads and traffic. Book Taxi Split airport to Novalja and leave all that worry to us! Your only job is to contact us and then relax.
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How far is it from Split Airport to Brela?

Taxi from Split airport to Brela
Brela is a small tourist resort situated on the Makarska Riviera. Like Baška Voda, Brela is very near Makarska and the distance to Baška Voda is even smaller.
If you take the bus from the Split Airport, the bus will first take you to Trogir, then Split, and only then to Brela. That’s why the best choice is to take the Taxi Split Airport and be sure you won’t have to waste any additional time on your way to your destination. Our taxi driver will listen to your wishes and drive you straigth to Brela or even make stops on the way there if you wish to enjoy the view.
The name of Brela comes from the springwater, called vrilo or vrelo by the locals, and from vrulja, located under the surface of the sea. Vrulja is the spring of the anonymous river which has its headwaters in the Biokovo massif, flowing out around twenty metres under the sea surface. Besides this major and the strongest springwater, there are also some smaller and weaker springwaters, mixing with the sea water.
The Maraska cherry is a sort of a symbol and synonym of the place, an economic jewel of the past century. The Dalmatian maraska is the world’s best quality cherry and Brela is in the very top among the places suitable for its growing.
American journal Forbes classified the beach Punta Rata among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, placing it as the 6th most beautiful and the 1st in Europe! In 2014 The Huffington Post website described Brela as a dream destination and a perfect reason to get on a plane to Croatia as soon as possible. According to Belgian website European Best Destinations – Punta Rata is one of the most beautiful beaches in 2015. Business Insider in May 2015 wrote: “Brela Beach, between Split and Makarska, is a Mediterranean oasis with 6 km of white sands dotted with fig trees and olive groves. For this reason, it’s a favorite with couples…”
If you have decided to take a trip from Split to Makarska, we recommend a short stop at Brela. Our driver will recommend the same, because we just know you’re gonna have the vacation from your dreams. And with our Taxi Airport Split service, you’re also gonna have the best transport experience ever! Don’t wait and book our taxi now – just a few cliks away!taxi split airport to brela

How do you get from Split to Dubrovnik?

Split airport to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik doesn’t really need much of an introduction, due to the fact it’s truly a world renown city. Dubrovnik is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic coast and this beautiful city got enlisted on the UNESCO world heritage list. With the airport nearby, it is the ideal destination for your next vacation.
The distance between Dubrovnik and Split is about 215 km, while the distance between Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik airport is approximately 20 km. If you are travelling from Split – the buses are not that frequent and it is common that the buses stop at the stations in every single town on the way to Dubrovnik, so the ride is usually very long and a little bit exhausting. To avoid that – the best solution is to book Taxi Split Airport that will get you to Dubrovnik faster, safer and offer you a way more comfortable ride than any other way of transportation. We can pick you up from wherever you are!
The successful development of Dubrovnik in the past was conditioned primarily by its favorable geographical position, and by an economy based on maritime and merchant activities. Once, Dubrovnik was a Republic, and today Dubrovnik is still famous and tourists from all around the world come there. The renovated hotels, the important assets of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as other cultural events are crucial prerequisites for the development of modern tourism.
When you’re there – you will definitely want to take a walk up and down Stradun, main city street and afterwards take a look at Dubrovnik walls, second most visited world outdoor museum. Besides the fact that you will have the chance to get a glimpse on the old Dubrovnik lifestyle, at the same time you’ll also see the King’s Landing – or at least the shooting location of the famous TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. In March 2016 Dubrovnik even became a movie set for the new ‘Star Wars’ film.
If you would like to see how the people really live in this town, go to the market and try the specialties of Dubrovnik – the city offers a wide range of places to dine, in fact over 60 restaurants alone. They range from rustic charm to silver service, catering for all manner of special occasions. The menus of restaurants in Dubrovnik are mainly based on local specialties, although recently a wider variety of cuisines has emerged which include a vegetarian, Mexican, French and sushi restaurant.
Dubrovnik can be reached in many ways; the easiest ways are Split or Dubrovnik airport, but to make sure that your voyage to Dubrovnik is the safest, fastest and most comfortable onebook our Taxi Split Airport to Dubrovnik service. We want to help you save your time and money!getting split airport to dubrovnik